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It happens all too often that we find ourselves clarifying what an animated explainer video is… is it a film? Is it like Toy Story? Is that like a cartoon?

Put simply, an Animated Explainer Video is a piece of video content that explains something clearly, but using animation (cartoons, characters, CGI).

There you go. End of the article!

I jest, I’ll go a bit further.

On the surface that’s exactly what it is, using Animation to clearly articulate a message, but it is also so much more. Animation is a versatile tool that you can use to engage, entertain and educate your audience in a way that is unique to your brand. It’s there to solve the problems of the audience, and an animated video uses brand colours, fonts and music to engage the watcher and get the message across. Here are what you’ll find to be some of the key traits of an explainer video.

Key Features


You should always keep an animated explainer video specific to your audience. This way, you can solve their problems and answer their questions. Animated explainer videos may be about your brand, but most importantly, they’re for your audience.

Educational Storyline

A key feature of an animated explainer video is the storyline. You need to teach your audience about your new product or idea in a way that is simple and straightforward so that it’s easy to understand. Using animation expresses your ideas quickly by breaking them down into easy to digest messages, without the jargon.

Brand Exposure

When you create animated explainer videos, they need to be splashed with your brand colours and other elements linking to your brand. You want your audience to recognize who you are – so make your brand pop!