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It is well known that only 8% of start-ups survive the first three years of business.

One down, two to go. 

In celebration of our first birthday, a lot of changes are taking place at Moving Image Creations. One of which is the implementation of our blog, allowing us to keep our clients, associates, friends and fans up to date with our inner workings. Featuring anything from sneak peaks behind the scenes of our projects, all the way through to video and marketing tips.

But where do you start a blog? Well we spend so much time putting other peoples stories in motion, we figured we’d kick things off by telling you ours.
MIC incorporated on the 2nd September 2013 and recently celebrated its first birthday, the climax of a hard fought year where it is fair to say we learnt more in the realms of business in these past 12 months than in the past 24 years!

MIC Directors

What started out as an idea, passed amongst four friends, quickly accelerated into something much more. Already collaborating on projects derived from passion, we were working entirely within a cloud infrastructure. A system that allowed us to work on large projects remotely, through the use of cloud storage and clever project management! Through friends of friends we began to receive requests to create some work, before we knew it we had unintentionally created a business model where studio overheads weren’t a problem. 

We could avoid the instability of the mainstream animation industry and work on our own projects, alongside anything from educational children’s cartoons through to corporate animation.

So why do we do it?

At our core we love telling stories, and discovering ways to tell stories in their 

best light. It turns out everyone has a story to tell, and we made it our job to tell those stories in the best way possible. 

Alongside this desire, Moving Image Creations was founded with the intention of making a difference. As artists our passion transcends the desire to create visually stunning Moving Images; we also aim to inspire, educate and entertain customers and audiences alike. Our personal values of respect, fairness and honesty is at the core of our work which we share with the people around us, we believe good people make good business.

Its hard to imagine where we will be in a year from now, the same as how hard it would have been to predict where we are now. It’s a very exciting time for us at MIC, and we look forward to showing you all our adventure.

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