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It was on the 3rd September 2013, six years ago that the founding Directors of Moving Image Creations LTD met up in London, to incorporate the business, set up their bank account and start trading.

Our doors were open and a whole new world was ahead of us, little did we know about the Entrepreneurial journey we were about to undertake. Starting with a team of four MIC LTD experienced a tumultuous journey of high’s and lows, working with Global Brand Leaders, to your local electricians. Every project was a unique experience and a new challenge, where we could infuse our creative skill set and knowledge into helping a variety of business’s overcome challenges that they face.

Over the years this has been sales tools, children’s education cartoons, emotive internal HR pieces, music videos, entertainment clips and even a large comedy pilot that will never see the light of day.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. In six years the Directors have not only learned a tremendous amount about business, but even more so about themselves. As our team has grown individually, it is only understandable that our lives, our commitments and our goals are now dramatically different to what they were six years ago.

It is with that revelation, that the founding members of MIC LTD have amicably parted ways and began the next chapter of their own individual stories.

So what’s next?

Moving Image Creations Limited is no longer trading, this seemed the most sensible decision moving forward due to the multiple decision makers and shareholders within the board.

MIC as a brand will continue to live on through Anthony and Jamie who are continuing their animated journey under the MIC brand as Sole Traders.

Anthony, the Operations Director, will continue to produce a broad range of animation for old and new clients alike, this time whilst travelling the world and working remotely.

Jamie Glasse, the Creative Director, will continue to take on new projects and put character into each and every one, as well as seeking new challenges and employment opportunities in film and television.

David Khoshab, the Finance Director is pursuing his spreadsheet addiction even further, working towards being a Chartered Management Accountant and is now working Full Time in an exciting finance role. 

Closing thoughts….

So as one chapter comes to an end another story begins, we’re still here and still creating stories that not only Entertain, but educate and inspire your audience, just in a different structure to before.

The previous Directors still can, and will, continue to work together so they can each continue to bring Hollywood, to the small business owner.

Should you have any animated requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can reach any of by filling in the contact form below and the most appropriate person will respond.

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