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Let me take you on a journey, and give you a ‘behind the scenes’ into how MIC approach an explainer video.

In almost every case, an explainer video required you to present three key factors, a problem that needs solving, the solution, and the benefits of that solution. You must then find an engaging, digestible, and interesting way to tell that story, that gives understanding and confidence to their viewer and enhances the company brand.

For Petaurum Solutions explainer video, demonstrating the virtues of their Auto-Enrolment Support Services, this was no exception.




UK law now requires every business to enroll their employees, that meet certain criteria, into a workplace pension scheme.

Many business owners have neither the time or the knowledge to set-up or maintain their scheme efficiently themselves. As a result, a lot of precious time they could spend working on making their business succeed is wasted, which could have a damaging effect on their business as a whole.


Petaurum Solutions provide schemes that set-up, execute and maintain the enrolment scheme for you and provide expert advice and tools to make sure that it works with the business in the most cost-effective and efficient way.


The provided service gives the business owner time back to focus on their work and takes a huge weight off their mind knowing that their auto-enrolment scheme is correct, up to date and efficient.

So … this is the Petaurum Solutions story. But how do we make it appeal to their audience??



It was important to centre the visuals on a primary, business owning

The Boss

character and show the negative impact of ‘the problem’ on him. In showing this character’s plight we not only demonstrate the problem but also allow the audience to identify with him and maybe recognise similar struggles in their own lives.


A major aim was to diffuse the ‘strictly business’ aspect of the subject matter and soften it to make it more friendly.

We did this by adopting a simple, quirky and slightly sketchy style which draws a bit on the ‘Cyanide and Happiness’ series of online comics.


One of the most noticeable aspects of the Petaurum Solutions brand is the use of the colour orange. It’s the only colour they really use. It’s, therefore, important that this colour is prevalent in the animation too.

We felt colour could be therefore used to great effect to show the influence of Petaurum solutions has a positive effect on the whole office. We decided that the most effective way to show this would be to have an absence of colour during the period in the animation where we identify the problem and add that colour in with the arrival of Petaurum Solutions, literally brightening up the place with their orange a focal point of the colour scheme.

Petaurum Solutions Colour

In addition, we made sure that the key phrases that Petaurum Solutions use on their website and in their meeting with clients so that the message is in keeping with their personality.


The final Petaurum Solutions explainer video is bright, quirky informative and on brand, enhancing Petaurum Solutions friendly personality whilst also providing the key information.

The video can now be viewed on the Petaurum Solutions website and is regularly used as a tool in their client meetings.


‘We went to Moving Image Creations for our first foray into animation for the company website and we were so pleased with the result, we have already commissioned our next project. MIC have an amazing ability to capture a brief and translate it from discussion to the screen. The process was simple and the results outstanding, bringing our product to life in a way we hadn’t thought possible. I can’t recommend MIC highly enough.’

Adam Davey – Director at Petaurum Solutions Ltd.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments? Do you like the style? Do you feel the message translates? We’d love to hear from you!

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