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Picture this, you’ve just bought yourself a brand new car, it’s now sitting on your drive in the sunshine. Every now and again someone walks past. Out of the corner of their eye it catches their attention. Impressed, they admire it and shortly after walk away. You invite some friends over who admire it in passing, eventually they leave after a compliment or two. A day passes however, and you haven’t had the attention you thought you’d get. If you want people to see your shiny new car, would you leave it on the drive, or take it for a spin?

Now make that driveway your website, and the car is your animation. You’ve made the investment and you have this jazzed up new marketing tool, but what good is having Hollywood on your website if no one knows about it? The traffic you already have is impressed by your video but it’s not attracting anyone new. Just like a car is useless without fuel, your animation is useless without an audience.

Here are a few ways to get your video noticed:

Social media – offers a great variety of platforms for you to get your video seen, especially if you capitalize on key features such as Twitter hours and pinned posts on Facebook. Even better, invest in a good social media strategy or campaign and you will maximize the visibility of your animation, getting it shown to the right people at the right times. You will find that leading providers of animation and video will have partners in these companies that they can refer you to, guaranteeing the best fit for your business.

Email marketing – A great way to show someone your new car, is to park it on their doorstep. Email is a great platform to share your animation, it is well known that a video will decrease your emails bounce rate as well increase your click-through-rate.

Laptop/Tablet – I take one of these everywhere with me. Everywhere! In many cases, it is easier to visually show someone what you do as opposed to describing it. This works especially well for start ups who may not be the best salespeople or self-promoters yet, or even more established companies that provide a complicated/bespoke service or product.

Video Brochures – A relatively new marketing tool, video brochures are the new, bespoke, must have product. Encapsulating your animation into a branded document for you to take with you wherever you wish. The positives; your competitors more than likely aren’t using them yet, can be left with clients, the animation can even be re-uploaded just like a memory stick. The largest drawback is that unless you buy in bulk, it can be quite costly.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you find some of these tips useful! Maybe you have a video in which you gained traffic by other means, please let us know. To keep up to date please subscribe and follow us on social media.