Character Animation

Inject life into your brand with an emotive, animated character. We can help you to create a new character as your mascot or adapt an existing one and bring it to life on the screen!

People remember and associate with a well-designed character, making your brand instantly recognisable.

  • Bespoke character development, from design to animation.
  • Broad ranging techniques, from silhouettes to emotive facial animation.
  • Characters aren't just human! We can animate aliens, animals, insects or even give life to an inanimate object!

Who is it for?

Is your business in a Saturated Marketplace, or do you have a complex business that you find hard to explain. Maybe you struggle with online sales conversion or general Brand awareness? If so, Character Animation could be exactly what you need.

How can Character Animation benefit you?

Sales Conversion

A custom-made video enables better connection with potential customers because it’s an engaging medium which increases traffic to your site. Visitors to your website who watch a video of your product or service are 85% more likely to purchase.

Attention Span

Did you know that a video on your homepage will engage on average 80% of your visitors, whereas only 20% will bother to read your content?

The attention span of your average visitor is lowering to that of a goldfish, you need to hook them and hook them quick!

Bounce Rates

Your search rankings are affected by the length of time visitors stay on your site, so a video is an effective way to increase their viewing time. Also, Google ranks websites with videos higher in their search algorithms

Client Understanding

A video alone can increase a person's understanding of your product by 74% and visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video. Nielsen found that Facebook marketing videos over the first 10 seconds enhance video recall from 47% to 74%.

Recent Work

Why Us?


We use industry leading techniques and software to bring Hollywood to your business. Our entire team graduated from one of the leading animation courses in the world.


Our ability to rapidly develop a deep understanding of your business and the sector that you operate in distinguishes us from our competitors. Our animations are brand tailored and results driven, exceeding your expectations.


Animation is a powerful and versatile tool. We distil your activities to present your audience with a clear, understandable message; demonstrating the benefits that you deliver. Our compelling animations will engage your customers and inspire them to want to do business with you.