Project Stages

This page is currently a work in progress as we are currently refining our internal pipeline to make sure we are delivering the most efficient production at the best possible rate. Making our animation high quality and affordable. To keep up to date with when our updated pipeline has been refined and published, subscribe to our blog at the bottom of this page.

Here is an example of our average animation production, and the stages we go through from idea to delivery.

Stage Process
Planning Initial Consultation
We discuss with you, what it is you want us to achieve, whether in person or online, we will do all we can to ensure we fully understand your business.
The creatives will get together and get all the idea’s on out on the table. Shaping an art style and visual idea’s that would best fit the telling of your story.
Potentially the most important part, we learn everything we need to know about your business and your goals, then condense this down into a carefully scripted into 150 words or less, consider this the ‘perfect’ 60 second elevator pitch.
Mood board
Our Art Director will create a mood board, capturing the art style and atmosphere, we think would work for your animation. It can include colours, graphics, photos, anything that helps the team visualise the final animation.

Client Feedback
You now see the script and mood board, making sure it captures your message, brand, personality etc.
Design Storyboard
Our artists will now visualise your animation, drawing out the visual flow and layout of the story. These can be simple or complex, and will give you an idea of how the final animation will look.
Voice Over
We now record your script being read out by a voice actor. At this stage it could be the final professional recording, or a test run through so you can get a taste.
This is where it starts to come together...
We take the storyboard, and the voice over, and marry them together. This is the first stage of animation, allowing us to block out the timings and see what does and doesn’t work between the visuals and script.
Here we will piece together the best possible score for your animation, whether it’s an original composition or royalty free music.

Client Feedback
You now get the opportunity again to review progress and give feedback on what you like and don’t like. Any changes to the script or storyboard have to be finalised before we move onto the next stage of production. Once the ‘Design’ stage has been signed off it is difficult to make any major amendments that have previously been agreed.
Production Asset creation
Here we create everything that needs to be done to create your animation. The icons, graphics, characters, environments etc.
Environment Setup
Taking the assets, we start to bring the animation to life. Constructing the scenes.
animating the characters and adding the effects. We build on top of the animatic to get the timings correct and build up the piece, layer by layer.
Sound Effects
Lastly we add any sound effects, to give your animation the finishing touches that give it life, whether it’s a pencil scratching, a car driving, or a phone ringing. Sound effects are crucial to giving your product a depth of professionalism.

Client Feedback
You get the final opportunity to make any changes and revisions, within the production stage. Once you are happy the project is ready to be sent to you in the desired format.
Post Project File Handover
You receive the animation! From here on out it’s up to you, but we’re just a call away should you need our help. We’ll keep in touch to see how the animation is performing for you, and any feedback is always appreciated.

Contact us today if you have any questions. Call on 0118 328 2454 or email