A Little Spot Of Calm

Cats and dogs are scared of fireworks right? Well they don’t have to be anymore.

MIC have created a video for Beaphar UK’s Europe wide campaign for their calming spot on products which can keep pets relaxed in situations that in normally may make them anxious.

The project mainly involved: a filming day with help from Summer Isle Films and our feline thespian, Bumble; integrating elements into the scene; creating layered sound effects; and animating a catherine wheel style light effect.

During the filming day we used the product to help relax Bumble, and take it from us, the product works!

Beaphar UK


Skills Used

Sound Editing, Integration & Compositing, 2D Animation, Tracking, Visual Effects, Cat Whispering

I’ve worked with the team at MIC on two projects now and when the next project comes up, I will be going to them again!

What I like about them is how they develop our initial ideas to create something better. This creative input is key for us and MIC delivers it in droves – in both projects they’ve offered alternative approaches, giving us the chance to choose our favourite or even pick the best from each.

The execution on the animation is always of high quality. So much so that in our latest video, most people who viewed it ask how we managed to time everything to perfection, when in fact the elements they were referring to was all animation!

Storyboards and test videos are also great benefits and gives us a chance to review and tweak to ensure we get something really great.

To top it all off the guys regularly update me on progress and have delivered on time on both projects (slightly early in fact) which makes life easy for us.