We offer a collaborative process with video production companies as well as marketing, advertising and web agencies that are looking to outsource animation that’s well structured, fun and creative.

At Moving Image Creations we have a wide range of experience in creating videos, animations and visualisations to showcase the benefits and explain the features of many products and services in a way that engages an audience. We are both creative and analytical thinkers providing clients with artistic but results­orientated animations and videos.

Our skills and expertise within different genres of the creative industry allow us to incorporate effortlessly into any creative department or project with ease so if you’re looking to collaborate with an animation studio that care passionately about what the do, then please get in touch

Affiliate marketing

Our affiliate programme is free and easy to join, and is a great way to create an additional income. You can earn referral revenue via two ways:

1. You pass the client on to us and you will earn a % fee dependent on the service that we sell them. This will vary based on whether the client wants a bespoke project or takes one of our animation packages.

2. You can still manage the project and we work as an extension of your team, liaising directly with the client if you want us to. In this scenario, you still invoice the client and we invoice you for the service that we provide. This gives you the opportunity to add on your own fee.

What if you only need a certain task completing?

As well as project managing the whole process, we can offer our services at the different stages of production:

Planning and design stage

We offer a wide­ranging pre­production service that includes advice on the best animation and design options to match the client’s requirements and budget. We can also provide individual storyboards, animatics, character designs, scripts and project management advice.


We can be involved in all or part of the production phase of your project. Whether you need a character animated, a voice over, sound effects, music, or any visual effects created.


Our post­production service includes asset and effect integration, editing, colour correction/grading, timing and rendering to enable the completion of your project.

Contact us today if you have any questions or to see how we can ‘plugin’ to your business. Call on 0121 3642 642 or email