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Have you ever met someone at a networking event or took a look at their website, to come to the realisation you still have no clue what it is they do? We see it time and time again during the pitch segments, where 60 seconds runs up to five minutes and you are just as confused as when they first started speaking. If you haven’t encountered this, you could be that guy!

Aside from sitting down with a person over a coffee, or much preferred cuppa, 

Jamie in the studio!

it’s hard to understand a persons individuality and business purpose during a brief conversation. Nowadays entrepreneurs have to be salesmen, and unfortunately the brightest business idea can be held back by the person representing it.

Video has the power to not only tell your story, but summarise and pitch it in less than 60 seconds. Each word meticulously chosen, each graphic designed accordingly. Your elevator pitch and video script are incredibly similar in structure, however a video for your business is a pitch that doesn’t forget its words, doesn’t over run and is guaranteed to be memorable. 

Writing an awesome video pitch:

  • You wouldn’t improvise your elevator pitch, so you shouldn’t do the same for your video script. Audio is important so get it recorded professionally.
  • Keep it nice and short! 60 seconds should equate to around 150 words. You want to the voice-over to be professional and clear, with breathing room.
  • What is your message? Say it clearly and concisely, ideally within the first 30 seconds.
  • Identify with the audience and talk directly to them, whilst you may think your business idea is revolutionary and innovative, most people will care more about why and what you do, not how.
  • What is the story? A very common template is to create or remind the viewer of a problem they have, fix it, explain how this works and finish with a call to action.
  • Make sure you use the right tone, what is you want your video to do? Is it a talking head or a humorous character driven piece. The tone will dictate the art style, colour pallet, tempo!

You are not limited to 60 seconds, 90 and 120 seconds are also common, but its rare and frowned upon to exceed 2-3 minutes!

Let us know your experiences, do you have your own template that you use whilst networking, did you write your own video script? Remember to connect with us and subscribe for posts like this and more, or contact us if you have any questions.