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The first project created under our newly launched Explainer Video packages was for a company called Fitphase.  

Fitphase is an online platform, designed for personal trainers to manage their online clients easily and efficiently.  Like any other explainer video, getting the message right was crucial. One of their biggest issues was that prospects regularly misunderstood what Fitphase is used for. 

The confusion stemmed from this distinction:

The platform allows personal trainers to manage their ‘ONLINE’ clients.

It is NOT a platform for personal trainers to manage the clients they already had, ‘ONLINE’.

See the difference?

Before Fitphase, trainers with ‘online’ clients could communicate with them using email, and they could train them from anywhere in the world using a mishmash of platforms, however this lacked efficiency and clarity. Fitphase provides a concise, all inclusive system for trainers to manage these clients in one place, revolutionizing this growing trend. 

Developing this deep understanding of the business we work with is the first stage of all of our Explainer Video projects. Knowing their pain points and the challenges they face is integral to the content of the animation.

The Challenge!

Our goal was to create a concise, 60 second animation, that both distinguishes clearly what the Fitphase platform does and it’s benefits, but also projects and enhances their brand to make it more recognizable.

To add pressure, we only had 5 days to turnaround the animation after the storyboard was finalised! If there’s one thing i can tell you about animation, it’s very time consuming and this made the project much more challenging.

The animation had to be clean and crisp, so artistically we pursued a silhouetted approach. Silhouettes would allow us to visualise messages whilst keeping the animation simple. To help project the Fitphase we wanted to focus on using the Fitphase colour scheme, which is predominantly blue with black and white highlights. We knew this would make it difficult, as a rule of thumb we try not to use too much black due to the stark contrast it gives. We later stretched to accommodate a few extra colours whilst making the animation still brand colour dominant.

Fitphase Personal Trainer Character

The Result!

Originally we did not intend to go with a character driven piece, due to the complexity. However we began developing an idea wherein we follow a Personal Trainer, from his evolution to modern day, through to the ease of using the software. Pretty soon he became a focal point for the animation, we centered a lot of the action around him. We realised that the best way to demonstrate the benefits of the Fitphase platform was to show a trainer character using it a seeing those benefits for himself.

Overall, we had created an incredibly successful piece, the client said :Moving Image Creations produced us a fantastic animated video for our project, Fitphase, and I couldn’t be happier! The entire process was well organised, smooth and seamless and they were able to deliver us the video on an extremely tight deadline. We will definitely be using Moving Image Creations again for some of our other internal projects and recommending them to our clients!

Very happy with the outcome, The Fitphase explainer animation encapsulates everything we wanted to, meeting all of the clients needs on a very short turnaround.

Thanks for reading, if you have any comments or questions, be sure to contact us directly at or leave a comment on the LinkedIn post page. To keep up to date with all things ‘Moving Image Creations’, be sure the follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.Posted by Anthony Green on Fri 4th December 2015