Bespoke Animation

From animated logos to corporate intros, animation for advertisements to children’s entertainment, Moving Image Creations has the know-how and experience to create customised, high quality and effective videos to tell your story and realise your goals.

There are many options available to match your requirements:


2D animation is similar to traditional hand-drawn animation and is created in two dimensions which look flat unless illustrated to have depth. We categorise this type of animation as anything 2D with character animation, such as a human, animal or personified object/creature.

This is great for creating fun, quirky, sophisticated and timeless animations that can give projects real personality.


3D animation shows all aspects of an object, such as a house for example, that you can rotate and move through. In the entertainment industry 3D animation is used extensively in film, television, and video games but it also has a large amount of application outside of the entertainment industry, such as product visualisation, architecture and advertising. Its versatility is what makes it such a valuable tool.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics we define as 2D animation without characters. This includes animated text and illustrations. This is ideal for getting both brand and message in a simple, clean and effective way as well as individual ident and sections for presentations and diagrams

Visual Effects

Visual Effects is the format that’s different to the others as it’s the process of incorporating animated assets, text or graphics into a live action film. This can use any of the methods above but uses additional skills to integrate the assets seamlessly into the relevant footage.