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In a case study by Forbes, 75% of business executives said they watch work related video’s on business’ websites once a week. The number of users spending time on Youtube is increasing almost daily!

What can we take away from this? If you’re not using video, you are missing out on a large marketing opportunity! So if or when you decide to upgrade your marketing, what video is right for you?

There are two main types of video you could choose from, animation and live action film. Any other style of video could be categorised into one of these mediums. Animation is the process in which you create the illusion of movement, most commonly done now directly on a computer. Live action on the other hand, is footage acquired directly through a camera, therefore it records reality. Both have there merits, so which one is ideal for your business.


The Upside!

  • Animation has no creative boundaries! If you can imagine it, animation can create it. The laws of physics hold no control over what can be created.
  • It can also be cost effective! To put this in perspective, it is cheaper to animate a building collapsing than it is to collapse a building and capture it on film!
  • You will stand out from the crowd and be memorable.
  • Can help improve your online conversion rate by acting as a 24/7 pitch, choosing the best words to say to your clients.

The Downside…

  • Animation can be very time consuming. Dependent upon what you want created 60 seconds of animation could take 5 days or 2 months!

Live Action Film

The Upside!

  • Acquiring footage using a camera, can also be very cost effective. A large quantity of footage can be acquired in a short space of time.
  • Great for creating a sense of empathy, it is significantly easier to emotionally connect with a real person than a 2d character. Especially if this person is a figurehead whose appearance will add value.
  • Ideal for both corporate use and events!
  • More economic to use in situations where reality is important, property video’s, documentaries etc.

The Downside…

  • Editing and post production can be expensive.
  • Once something is filmed it is difficult to digitally manipulate the footage (object replacement).


Both have there advantages and disadvantages, if it is a service or product you are selling animation could be the choice for you. If you are a figurehead, personable and have a hands on approach with your clients, videography may be the ideal solution.

It is also important to remember that these two aren’t exclusive from one another, you can always use both. Whether its editing between the two, or integrating animation ‘into’ live action footage, but that’s for another post entirely!

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