Our Story


We founded Moving Image Creations with the intention of making a difference. We ensure our clients spread their message effectively to customers, prospects and target audience with high quality and value-adding animated website videos, marketing content, advertisements, independent films, and visualisations.

As artists, our passion transcends the desire to create visually stunning moving images – we aim to inspire, educate and entertain customers and audiences. Our personal values of respect, fairness and honesty are at the core of our work which we share with the people around us. We believe good people make good business.

At our core we love telling stories, and discovering ways to tell those stories so that they resonate with and inspire the target audience. Every business has a story to tell and we’ve made it our job to tell those stories and inject some ‘Hollywood magic’ at the same time!

Every new project we’re involved with gives us a sense of excitement and desire to create something special so if you’re looking to engage the services of an animation team for your next project, we’d love to speak to you.

Our Mission


We use industry leading techniques and software to bring Hollywood to your business. Our entire team graduated from one of the leading animation courses in the world.


Our ability to rapidly develop a deep understanding of your business and the sector that you operate in distinguishes us from our competitors. Our animations are brand tailored and results driven, exceeding your expectations.


Animation is a powerful and versatile tool. We distil your activities to present your audience with a clear, understandable message; demonstrating the benefits that you deliver. Our compelling animations will engage your customers and inspire them to want to do business with you.

Our Story

Attending Bournemouth University at the same time really set the tone in terms of our approach to the industry. Very early on we all started working together on various projects and we started to earn a reputation amongst our friends and peer group as a team of animators who could work remotely on different genres of film and deliver a bit of ‘Hollywood’ to the project! With a love for all things animation, we all honed our trade at Bournemouth University which is one of the top universities in the world for animation, computer visualisation and digital effects.

Anthony Green
Operations & Marketing Director

David Khoshab
Finance & Commercial Director 

Jamie Glasse
Creative Director