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There are many different aspects to consider when putting together a marketing strategy; one of which is the website and another is social media. These work hand in hand. You use social media to drive traffic to the website, the reason being that you want your potential clients to see your product or services, but you also want them to engage on the website, stay a while and look around rather than “bounce” straight off.

Companies also need to grab attention on social media, to stop potential clients scrolling past and to offer something different that will ensure they stick around and want more; the best way to do this is using animation!


According to a recent study we only pay attention to the stimulus on social media or websites for 8.25 seconds, therefore you have this amount of time to get your potential client’s attention and ensure they stay with you. An animated video is a great way of achieving this; as it moves, it can get people’s attention quickly and then ensure they stick with it and not “bounce” off to something else. Those first seconds are crucial to grabbing attention.


As animation is seen as entertainment, viewers are more likely to stop and engage as they don’t filter it out as an advertisement. A great way to use animation in this way is to create characters which the viewer can relate to and then solve a problem for them with the service or product which you are advertising. This gives the viewer empathy with the character thereby prompting them to seek more information about how to solve the problem.


Animation evokes emotion and nostalgia which is, according to studies, seen as positive. If people associate positivity with your brand, then they are more likely to purchase from you. Take for example the now hugely competitive Christmas Animations that the big brands use and think about how they make you feel; Kevin the Carrot from Aldi, The BBC’s 2017 ad with the single Dad muddling his way through Christmas with his daughter and of course John Lewis who have a history of great Christmas Animations. These ads are all engaging, nostalgic and memorable which is what you need them to be.


Another fantastic way of using animation is to convey a product or service which is otherwise hard to explain or get across to your audience. An explainer video is a short animation which can alleviate complexities by simply showing the viewer how the service or product can help them; it takes a complex item or service and makes it simpler, this is a massive help for people who engage better with visuals.